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Wine Barrel 3 Light 20" Wall Sconce

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Gatsby Luminaires Wine Barrel 3 Light 20" Wall Sconce 702004 From Wine Barrel Collection
Product ID: 505000
Availability: Not Available
Feature: 1502W20SR,504998,504999,505001,505002
Feature: 778491030645
Feature: Transitional
Feature: Ivory,Weathered Rust
Feature 5 3

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Gatsby Luminaires Wine Barrel 3 Light 20" Wall Sconce
This Three Light Wall Sconce Combines Elegance And Rustic Style. Exposed Bulbs Provides Perfect Lighting And Dramatic Finish Of Framework Will Add Character To Any Room Af Your Home.

Wine Barrel Collection
The Wine Barrel Chandelier Collection was inspired by the beauty of throwaway French wine barrels. Now reimagined as a chandelier, this collection features a wood iron chandelier, creating the perfect relationship between a long lasting metal and a design made to look like natural oak wood. This chandelier collection is both rustic and cultured, bringing the look and feel of the outdoors into your home in a way that allows it to seamlessly become part of your decor.This all metal chandelier adds a notion of warmth to any space, providing a subtle glow by the candle like bulbs. This collection gives your home the same look and feel as real wood, but without the upkeep or concerns. A sturdy and long lasting chandelier, the Wine Barrel will light up your space while making it more inviting for everyone in its glow.

Product Specifications:
Style: Transitional
Type of Bulb: E12
Number of Bulbs: 3
Wattage: 40
Back Plate Width(in.): 4.7
Back Plate Height(in.): 4.7
Width: 20.00in.
Height: 20.00in.
Wire Length: 6.00in.
Extension: 11.00in.
Dimmable: Yes
Hanging Weight: 7.00Lbs.
Model Number - 702004

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