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Sparkle Plenty Sparkle Plenty 32Oz Trigger Spray

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Watch dirt drip away with one simple spray! Dries to a brilliant shine and leaves no residue or streaking. Requires no hand cleaning, no hand rubbing and cleans the finest crystal and acrylics!
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Feature: Crystal
Sparkle Plenty 32oz Trigger Spray Crystal Chandelier Cleaner SKU# 38611
  • 32 Fluid ounces (1 quart) trigger-spray bottle
  • SKU # 38611
  • Brand: Sparkle Plenty
  • UPC: 0-71782-90000-0
  • This item cannot be shipped outside of the US

Sparkle Plenty

Say goodbye to tedious hand-cleaning and dusting techniques to clean your finest crystal chandeliers. Since 1903, Sparkle Plenty has been cleaning chandeliers for the home and the finest chandeliers in the world at hotels and catering halls. Sparkle Plenty's exclusive formula allows you to simply spray and saturate your crystal, and then watch the dirt and dust drip off. Sparkle Plenty dries to a brilliant shine and leaves no residue or streaking and requires no dusting, wiping, or effort at all! Safe for use on crystal chandeliers, crystal wall lighting, fine crystal collectibles, and even acrylic. Sparkle Plenty will not harm any chandelier finish, and is environmentally friendly!

Instructions to clean your finest crystal lighting fixtures:
Turn off or unplug light fixture - place cloth or newspaper underneath. Tighten all bulbs and allow to cool. Hold bottle about 10 to 12 inches from fixture. Spray generously from bottom upwards - completely around the fixture and then downwards until all surfaces are wet and dripping freely. Allow fixture to dry thoroughly. Blot up any accumulation of liquid on flat or cupped surfaces. If fixture is unusually soiled, a second application may be necessary. Once cleaned, however, a minute or two every month with Sparkle Plenty will keep your fixture "showroom bright". SKU# SP90000

Instructions to clean your crystal figurines:
Place some soft bath towels on a flat surface. Carefully place your crystal figurine on the towel. Saturate Sparkle Plenty onto the crystal piece and then let the item sit and dry thoroughly on its own. NO rubbing is necessary. If your crystal item has not been cleaned for a while, and appears unusually soiled, a second spraying may be necessary to break down any residual dirt-film that was not dissolved the first time around. Once the item is dry, we recommend you use a pair of cotton or latex gloves to pick the item up and replace in your display cabinet. The gloves keep any oils from your hand and fingers from being redeposited onto the clean crystal and therefore preventing fingerprints or oily areas on the newly cleaned crystal and thus helping to eliminate airborne dust etc from adhering to these areas.

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