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Sea Gull One Light Outdoor Pendant

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Price: $245.90
Sea Gull One Light Outdoor Pendant 6247401-12
Product ID: 539697
Availability: Not Available
Feature: 6247401-12
Feature: 785652056314
Feature: Traditional
Feature: Black
Feature 5 1
Sea Gull One Light Outdoor Pendant
The decorative, sturdy Gealan Collection is a versatile outdoor product line built to last. Echoing classic lampposts while using modern silhouettes and glass panels creates a smooth transitional style. Give outdoor settings a refreshing new look with beautifully framed lighting. Available in a variety of sizes for flexible options to match any exterior. Choose finishes from Painted Brushed Nickel and Black. The proprietary StoneStrong material withstands all weather climes. StoneStrong material is rust-proof and built to last in any outside environment, including coastal, dry, and harsh winter or summer climates. StoneStrong is also backed by a robust warranty.

Product Specifications:
Model Number - 6247401-12
Product ID - 539697

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