Minka George Kovacs Standoff

Minka George Kovacs Standoff

Product ID:216281

Kovacs ST1048 Telescoping Standoff

The measurement of the standoff is the stem only.  The ceiling and rail connectors are not included in the measurement.  Standoffs should be placed no further than 3' apart. Measure the ceiling height and where the rail is to be situated. The rail should not be placed any lower than 7' from the floor. The standoffs are telescopic and come with a hang-straight swivel for higher, sloped ceilings.

  • Includes Hang-straight swivel

Telescoping Standoff Supports are available in five sizes: 2-3/4", 6", 12", 24", and 48", with a telescoping range from 4" to 96" respectively.

Rail Standoff Guide

8' - 9' Flat Ceiling: Use 2-3/4" to 4" Standoff (GK ST1000)

8' - 9' Sloped Ceiling: Use 6" to 10" Standoff (GK ST1006)

9' - 10' Flat or Sloped Ceiling: Use 12" to 24" Standoff (GK ST1012)

10' - 12' Flat or Sloped Ceiling: Use 24" to 48" Standoff (GK ST1024)

12' or Higher Flat or Sloped Ceiling: Use 48" to 96" Standoff (GK ST1048)

Product ID - 216281

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