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Wegotlites LayAway plans make it easier to get the things you want. Let's say you see something you really like. Maybe it's a hot new product that's selling out fast or an item with low inventory that you want to invest in-- but don't need it for a few months. Or maybe it's just the thing you've always wanted at a price that's too good to pass up, or are building a house and want to lock in a great price. Now let's also say that, for whatever reason, now is not a great time for you to make the purchase.

That's where the We Got Lites LayAway plan comes in. The We Got Lites LayAway plan lets you set aside the items you want at their current price and then pay for them over time in installments that work for your budget. Once your LayAway plan is paid in full, then the products you reserved ship right to your door at that special price you reserved, interest-free!

Here's how to get started:

  • Simply go shopping on, pick out any item(s) you wish to purchase now, and have shipped at a later date.
  • Call-in your order toll-free 1-866-415-4837 and tell a sales associate you would like to start a LayAway plan. You may also inquire about our LayAway plan by contacting us.
  • Choose a payment plan that works best for you. You may select from one of the following pre-set plans:
    • 3-Month LayAway plan - Interest-free!
    • 6-Month LayAway plan - Interest-free!
    • 9-Month LayAway plan - Interest-free!
    • 12-Month LayAway plan - Interest-free!
    • Create your own plan that works best for you!
  • Your first initial payment must cover a minimum of 35% of your purchase.
  • Depending on which plan you choose, your balance will be dispersed into even amounts to charge every month for the desired plan you choose. For example, an order totaling $500.00 on a 6-month LayAway plan will require an initial payment of $175 and a $65 monthly payment after that. You will be notified your monthly payment at the time you place your order.
  • Payments are set-up to be charged every 30 days (or on a specific date each month).

The We Got Lites LayAway plan is a terrific way to save on the products you want, whether for yourself or as gifts. Set up a We Got Lites LayAway plan to buy something special for yourself or someone you care about.


*Exceptions and LayAway Details: Merchandise on your We Got Lites Layaway plan does not ship until the entire balance on the plan is paid in full. The first 12 months of our We Got Lites LayAway plans are interest free. If you fail to pay a LayAway order balance within 12 months of your original sale date, your balance will incur interest at a rate of 10% per month. This plan does not qualify for orders totaling under $250.00. Plan also does not qualify for custom-order merchandise or out-of stock merchandise. We Got Lites, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any product(s) from any LayAway plan. By placing a We Got Lites LayAway order, you confirm and agree to the above terms & conditions, as well as our Terms & Conditions found here: We Got Lites, Inc. Terms & Conditions. Any deposits and/or payments made towards a LayAway order are non-refundable. Once your order is processed, you have 1 hour from the original sale date to modify or cancel your order. Once your first payment has been completed, the item is reserved for you, and you cannot modify the item you are holding for LayAway.

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