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Kichler White Fan Remote

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Price: $75.00
This Basic Hand Held Control System is adaptable with Most of the Kichler ceiling fans.
Product ID: 106219
Availability: Not Available
Feature: 337001WH
Feature: 783927282543
Feature: Traditional
Feature: White
Kichler Basic Ceiling Fan Hand Held Remote Control System 337001

- Kichler Fans 337001
- 3-Speed Fan Control
- On/Off and Full Range Dimming
- Operates From 30 Feet
- Canopy Mounted Receiver
- Includes Wall Bracket
- Includes 9-Volt Battery
- Manual Reverse

Kichler Basic Hand Held Control System

With this remote, there is no need to leave your chair on a hot summer's day, or to get out of bed to turn your fan on or off at nigh. Control your ceiling fan from across the room!

Basic Hand Held Control System Can be used on;
300118AP, 300118AWD, 300118OBB, 300118SNW, 300118WBR, 300015ADC, 300015AP, 300015OBB, 300103OBB, 300103SNW, 300103NI, 300103ADC, 300103WH, 300103BSS, 300103BSS, 300103SNW, 300103NI, 300103ADC, 300103WH, 300103OBB, 300107NI, 300107BSS, 300107ADC, 300107SNW, 300107WH, 300107OBB, 300117AWD, 300117TZ, 300117DBK, 300117NI, 300117WH, 300117ADC, 300117OBB, 300117SNW, 300117BSS, 300017BSS, 300017MCH, 300017SBK, 300017OBB, 300113TZ, 300104NI, 300104WH, 300104TZ, 300104OBB, 300109MDW, 300110ALR, 300123OBB, 300123ADC, 300123BSS,300124BSS, 300124ADC, 300124OBB, 339010TZ, 339010NI, 339010WH, 339010DBK, 339010ADC, 339010SNW, 339010OBB, 339010BSS, 339210ADC, 339210BSS, 339210WH, 339210TZ, 339210SNW, 339210OBB, 300105CTO, 300105WH, 300105OBB, 300105TZ, 300119TZ, 300119WH, 300119OBB, 300119NI, 300119TZ, 300119NI, 300119WH, 300119OBB

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