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Kichler Black Design Pro Led Modular T Power Connect

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Price: $7.50
This Power Supply is part of the Modular Led Collection and has a Black (painted) Finish.
Product ID: 104625
Availability: Not Available
Feature: 12340BK
Feature: 783927329644
Feature: Traditional
Feature: Black

LED T Power Connect from the Modular LED Collection

Modular LED Design Pro LED T Power Connect.


  • LED T Power Connect
  • Brings power into female port at back and splits into two directions at each side
  • Ideal for center fed wire or tight side-mount feed
  • Installation will expose less wire
  • UL Listed


  • Height: 0.5"
  • Length: 2.37"
  • Width: 1.95"

For use with the Kichler Design Pro Led Modular and LED Disc systems (sold separately)

  • Kichler 12311 Modular 2 LED
  • Kichler 12313 Modular 4 LED
  • Kichler 12315 Modular 6 LED
  • Kichler 12317 Modular 10 LED
  • Kichler 12319  Disc 3 LED
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Product ID - 104625

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