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Kenroy Home 60050 Wall Mirror

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Kenroy Home Wall Mirror 60050 From Portside Collection
Product ID: 700493
Availability: Not Available
Feature: 60050
Feature: 53392049133
Feature: Weathered Steel Finish
Kenroy Home Wall Mirror
Artists of any type can appreciate the fun shape of the Lisa wall mirror. Similar in appearance to a paint glob on a paint pallete, this mirror adds visual interest and a dash of artistic style to any space that its hung in. At 34-inches high and 34-inches in diameter, this mirror would be a perfect addition to an artist’s studio or a modern loft. With the edges of the mirror being cut into wavy shapes, the presence of the mirror adds a fun and light touch. Its sure to bring inspiration into any creative space, helping you to finish that next great painting or story!

Product Specifications:
Finish: Weathered Steel Finish
Width(in.): 0.38
Length(in.): 33.88
Height(in.): 33.88
Model Number - 60050
Product ID - 700493

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