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Kattari Graphite Sconces

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Kuzco Lighting Inc Kattari Graphite Sconces EW7718-GH
Product ID: 735038
Feature: EW7718-GH
Feature: 691759032208
Feature: Graphite
Kuzco Lighting Inc Kattari Graphite Sconces
A seductively curved die-cast aluminum wall sconce. The 18 inch curve is attached to a square mounting plate with concealed fasteners. The mounting plane is illuminated with an even pool of light. Concealed LEDs located at the rear of the curve serve to h

Product Specifications:
Finish: Graphite
Length(in.): 3.00
Height(in.): 18.00
Voltage: 120V
Model Number - EW7718-GH
Product ID - 735038

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