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Cyan Designs Mirror 16.25in. Patchwork Mirror #2

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Price: $170.41
This mirror has a distinguished look with its mirror finish.
Product ID: 157016
Availability: Not Available
Feature: 01596
Feature: Contemporary
Feature: Mirror

16.25" Patchwork Mirror #2

Beautiful Objects for Beautiful Lives. Cyan Design is the source for unique decorative objects. Decorative accessories for the most vibrant interior design. Over 2,100 designer accessories that are in stock and typically ship within 24 hours. Cyan Design continuously updates our product line of ornamental objects, stunning glass vases, garden and patio objects, embellished frames, mirrors, wall decor and a vast collection of the finest lighting fixtures. Home remodelers, interior designers, decorators, and independent retail customers all rely on Cyan Design.

  • Mirrored Glass

Product ID - 157016

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