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Aladdin Light Lift - Standard Keyswitch & Plate SKU# 40830

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Price: $95.00
Replacement standard Aladdin Light Lift Keyswitch Controller come complete with wall switch and replacement key. Compatible with all 200 and 300 pound light lift units.
Product ID: 345066
Feature: 1-KeyswitchC

Aladdin Light Lift - Standard Keyswitch & Plate SKU# 40830

The Keyswitch Controller is designed to operate the light lift with the simple turning and holding of a key. By removing the key, the Keyswitch Controller becomes child resistant and prevents accidental activation of the light lift. Keyswitch controller comes complete with wall plate and key for operation. Unit is compatible with all 200 & 300 pound light lifts.

For Further Instructions See: User Guide

The Aladdin Light Lift is a motorized lift system for your chandelier. Now, the beauty of your chandelier can be easily maintained as cleaning and changing of bulbs can be done by anyone...anytime. Dangerous ladders and expensive cleaning services are things of the past as chandeliers are quickly and safely lowered within easy reach from the floor. It is the simple solution for every hard to reach chandelier.

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