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In most designs, the major cost of a Crystal Fixture is the price of the Crystal components. The quantity and shapes of the Crystal used to trim the fixture and like grades of diamonds, the crystal quality determines the price.

Many of our Fixtures are available in a variety of Crystal Trim options.

European Crystal:

Exclusive to WeGotLites! These Fixtures are trimmed with quality Crystals that sparkle beautifully. Sourced from Austria, Czech Republic & various parts of Europe. Precision cut like diamonds, the European crystal option offers a quality crystal at an affordable price point.

Asfour Crystal:

Asfour crystals are made in Egypt and is the most popular crystal brand in the world mainly because of the price and quality. Often compared to Swarovski® for its clarity and brilliance. Own a Swarovski look at a much more affordable price point.

Swarovski® Spectra® Crystal:

Manufactured in Austria by Swarovski® these are one of the highest quality crystals the market. This luxurious crystal can be found in the most prestigious estates around the world. A brilliant Precision cut crystal with superior light reflection that produces beautiful rainbows.

Combination of European & Swarovski Crystal:

This option allows you to own a fixture that partially trimmed with octagonal shaped Swarovski® Spectra® crystals. The remaining crystals are trimmed with our exclusive European crystals which are precision cut like diamonds offering a competitively priced fixture using quality crystal components.