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Aladdin Chandelier Light Fixture Lifts

High ceilings often make caring for your chandelier quite the inconvenience. After all, you’re most likely under the impression that keeping that flawless sparkle in your chandelier requires climbing rickety high ladders or paying for expensive maintenance services. Fortunately, We Got Lites carries Aladdin Light Lifts – the perfect solution for you! These chandelier hoists use a motorized lift system to safely and effectively elevate and lower your lighting fixture, merely with the press of a button. This motorized chandelier lift system subtly hides away within your ceiling and can be installed by any licensed electrician.

Aladdin light lifts are extremely useful for assisting with installing a larger lighting fixture or any fixture into a higher ceiling. Even if you decide to change lighting fixtures, you can still continue to use the same Aladdin light lift for the new fixture as long as it is satisfies the maximum weight limit. In addition, owning an Aladdin light lift will dramatically ease your chandelier cleaning and maintenance process. You will no longer have to hire someone to clean that lighting fixture which is too high for you to reach. Stop wasting unnecessary time and money and try an Aladdin Chandelier Lift System today! We carry a variety of different light lift weight limits, so that you will definitely find the right one to fit your needs!

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Aladdin 200 Pound Capacity Chandelier Light Lift ALL200
$1,170.00  $695.00
Aladdin 300 Pound Capacity Chandelier Light Lift ALL300
$1,330.00  $790.00
Aladdin 700 Pound Capacity Chandelier Light Lift ALL700
$2,070.00  $1,230.00
Aladdin 1000 Pound Capacity Chandelier Light Lift ALL1000
$3,350.00  $2,020.00
Aladdin 500 Pound Capacity Electronic Storage Lift System ASL500
$3,659.95  $2,098.00
Aladdin Light Lift - Key Smart Lift Controller SKU# 33301
$150.00  $127.00
Aladdin Light Lift - Standard Keyswitch & Plate SKU# 40830
$87.50  $69.00
Aladdin Light Lift - Standard Keyswitch Replacement Key SKU# 40831
$32.95  $14.99
Aladdin Light Light - Candelabra Base Relamping Cord RLC SKU# 33288
$75.00  $57.00