Spiral Design 32-Light 86'' Gold or Chrome Chandelier with European or Swarovski Crystals  SKU# 11374

Spiral Design 32-Light 86'' Gold or Chrome Chandelier with European or Swarovski Crystals SKU# 11374

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Spiral Design 32-Light 86" Gold or Chrome Chandelier with European or Swarovski Spectra Crystal Strands

- SKU# 11374
- Width 36"
- Height 86"
- Includes 6 feet of chain/wire
- 32 lights
- 60 watt max. candelabra bulb per light (not included)
- All Clear European
- All Swarovski Crystals
- Gold or Chrome finish
- Please note: If you choose the upgrade option to Swarovski Spectra Crystal Strands or Asfour Crystals the top (bagel) part will be 30% lead Crystals.

Joshua Marshal Home Collection
Spiral Design

A modern marvel of contemporary crystal lighting, the Spiral Chandelier Collection sets the standard for awe-inspiring craftsmanship. The Spiral's with 30% Lead or Swarovski Spectra Crystal Strands cascade gracefully down from a spectacular honeycomb of crystals in a headpiece ablaze with color. These descending layers form rippling tiers of light in a never-ending dance of beauty. The silhouette resembles a fluted champagne glass overflowing with its own precious colors, holding the viewers captivated. A natural rhythm unfolds in the retreating circles until a breathtaking point is reached. Wave upon wave of crystal bathes over the eye like the ocean?s waves lapping against the sandy shore. Energy breathes through this spiraling crystal gyroscope.
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The frame is constructed from the finest materials, the finish is one that is guaranteed never to chip, fade, or tarnish and is backed with a lifetime warranty. Assembly is required. Modern day crystal chandeliers use advanced technology combined with old world knowledge to produce brilliant crystal with precision cutting and superior light fraction light reflection. The design and manufacturing of crystal chandeliers requires years of experience and specialized craftsmanship. Your valued purchase will become a family heirloom to love and treasure and pass on to future generations. A crystal chandelier, whatever its shape, size, or cost is an important purchase. We encourage you to seek help and advice of experienced personnel before choosing the chandelier that will become a part of your personal history, future, and lifestyle.

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