Minka Aire Hand Held Aire Control Remote System RCS212

Minka Aire Hand Held Aire Control Remote System RCS212

Product ID:216142
Hand Held Aire Control™ Remote System
  • Minka Aire RCS212
  • Three Speed Fan Control in Forward and Reverse
  • On/Off Full Plus Range Light Dimmer with Independent Up/Down Light Control
  • Includes (1) Hand Held Remote Control, Wall Holster
  • Wireless Remote Operation
  • Operates at Distance of 40 feet
  • Can be Used in Conjunction with WC212 Wall Mount AireControl®
  • 12 Volt Battery Included

    Remote Compatible With the Following Fan Models Only: F402, F502, F516, F517, F518, F519, F539, F564, F573, F574, F577, F581, F583, F584, F588, F596, F598, F599, F601, F602, F603, F611, F615, F661, F679, F705, F706, F707, F711, F715, F719, F722, F723, F724, F750, F760, F803, F809, F812, F814, F819, F820, F825, F826, F836, F837, F840, F842, F900

Minka Aire Handheld Remote Control for Ceiling Fans

Three speed fan control in forward and reverse on/off plus full range light dimmer with independent up/down light control.

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