James R. Moder

The James R. Moder lighting brand includes a wide collection of crystal chandeliers and lighting designs. Classic James Moder chandeliers use exclusive hand-cut, time intensive polishing techniques to produce designs of timeless and lasting beauty. Choose a crystal chandelier, crystal pendant or sconce to create a beautiful, eye-catching home accent.

You'll find a wide range of chandelier designs made with the finest quality grades and materials. James Moder chandeliers feature genuine Elements Crystal from the renowned Swarovski Company of Austria. Elements, formally known as Strass, is the finest quality available, and comes indelibly etched with the J.R.M. logo on one facet of the sphere.

In addition, James Moder employs their own exclusive crystal hand-cutting and polishing techniques that have been perfected over the last 250 years. Their crystal ceiling lights and chandeliers also feature exclusive finishes found nowhere else.