Imagine a fountain of fiery crystals exploding upward from a masterfully crafted center frame. This describes the exciting shape of the Flamingo Design. This style is streamlined to complement the most modern of interiors: yet it still conveys a sense of proportion and balance that exemplifies its traditional heritage. What one sees first is this dramatic outline bursting with crystal light. It is this perfect marriage of classical good looks with contemporary styling makes the Flamingo Design a design dynamic in any decorating scheme. This Flamingo Collection is adorned with mufti-faceted crystals in your choice of either Flamingo, Rectangular, Tear Drop, French Cut, or Crystal Balls adorning each and every layer. Packed closely together these crystals create a dense pattern of opulent crystal light. As always, a choice of Gold or Chrome finish is entirely yours.

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Sparkle Plenty 32oz Trigger Spray Crystal Chandelier Cleaner SKU# 38611
$14.99  $8.95